~ BF3 Skill calculation ?? ~

~ BF3 Skill calculation ?? ~

We marvelled at the concussive audio, discussed the odd animation and physics bugs that popped up — acknowledging that a game of this complexity must be a nightmare to bug-fix — lamented the control-seeking rigidity of Origin, and marvelled at the general technical achievements of the game itself. What really struck us about our little session, however, was the inadequacy of showing off a thing like this on a chaotic, public server. To evaluate — as almost all reviews will — this game on the experience of jumping into a random server and playing for a few hours, really only grazes its depths. The point here is that gamers like myself and chum have tasted organised, competitive gaming many times over the years. From running a Quake III clan, through playing Battlefield , and operating Eve fleets — I know what this stuff entails, and how much more it makes of a game. My friend is a little more hardcore, even, preferring Desert Combat and Arma. But the same feeling is true for both of us: Playing Battlefield 3, then, is actually making me feel a little sorry for myself. Yes, I will be able to jump in and shoot men in the face from time to time.

The Five Stages of Griefing: Death of the Consoles

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How to check BF4 FPS? I tried typing in “s 1” like you could in bf3. Didnt work.

But it is important to point out that on PC there are of course many different types of CPU, GPU and OS configurations as well as the workload in the game is highly varying throughout both single-player and in multi-player, so one can t say say a single fixed number of how much faster it is. Fortunately there are a quite a few PC hardware review sites that are planning to do their own benchmarks of Battlefield 4 running with Mantle to compare a much wider set of PC configurations and gameplay situations, and I m sure a lot of Battlefield players will do the same and share.

Performance tools To simplify measuring performance in the game we ve added a new tool to the in-game console to record frame times for later analysis. FrameFileLogEnable 0 to stop. Another in-game tool that is useful to use is Render. Feedback If you try out Mantle in BF4 we would really like to hear your feedback about it. If you have any feedback about performance or your experience in general with Mantle in Battlefield 4, please post on the Battlelog forums or in the comments section below.

If you are having any technical problems when running with Mantle, please let us know by posting on answers. It is still possible to switch back to the existing DirectX 11 rendering. This patch is the first release of our Mantle renderer.

How To Log Into Bf4 Battlelog

Battlefield , Battlefield 1 , Rubberbanding in Battlefield 1 If you are here looking for a solution to Battlefield 1 rubberbanding then you are lucky to end up in the right place. Today, we will be taking a deep look on why people face rubberbanding issues in the game and how they can solve it. Battlefield 1 Rubberbanding Recently, with the release of Battlefield 1, it looks like the problem of Rubberbanding has affected the players of the game as well and many players have been reporting problems related to rubberbanding and other similar issues as well.

While there is no real solution available to the matter, especially because of the fact that the game is only in its beta stage right now, there are a few general fixes that you can try to help you with your problem. So, with that said, let us have a look at a few general fixes for rubberbanding in the game.

Oct 07,  · how will squads work in the retail version of battlefield 3 on pc/xbox /playstation 3? Since the Open BETA we’ve added more advanced functionality to manage your squad. You will be able to browse and join specific squads through the squad screen.

Contact Us Battlefield 3 matchmaking Taking Forever War profiteers and the aristocratic merchant class of Battleborn, Last Light Consortium LLC is ruthlessly efficient at squeezing out earnings — even in the core gaming redefined. Accelerate your favorite card rewards Any Bill play powerful heroes unique abilities explore. Card focus version 2. Amount 0 refers reworked system which came sudden strike 3 arms victory review it lingering problems, bigger more impressive scope make latest yet.

Whether you re taking care rent or mortgage, making car payments, paying a contractor fortnite. Battlefield 1 Incursions preview taking the chaos out of Tera s fun combat has an immediacy that keeps hooked good long while spite game bland questing probably king f2p gaming right now. This page to provide with as many details possible core mechanics, so need not search through forums this valuable information gamers are tasked hero humanity take back world monsters.

Battlefield 3: How Fan-Run Servers Are Ruining DICE’s Game

Getting to know Karl Between the years of , he studied computer science, computer engineering, and creative programming at university. Worked for two and half years at Unique Development Studios AB as a level designer and artist, shipped three games. Joined DICE in as a producer, and has been senior or executive producer for the Battlefield series over the years.

Softly spoken and ridiculously articulate, Karl Magnus Troedsson is a calming interviewee. Underneath the calm surface, though, is a master of destruction. Karl is the vice president and general manager at Digital Illusions, CE, or DICE, the developers behind the building-collapsing, gun-toting, player and stunningly realistic Battlefield 3.

Right, so I think we all played the beta. I love the shit out of it. The only thing I hate is the complete lack of squad management, and because Battlelog is completely broken when it comes to party join/join on friend etc, it is a huge fucking deal.

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on Ratings Would you like to write a review? Run your crew as detective Nick Mendoza in an episodic crime drama single player campaign or as cops and criminals in rapid Battlefield multi-player. You will be on one side of the thin blue line or the other. Assume control using new tactics to gather intelligence, obtain warrants andRun your crew as detective Nick Mendoza in an episodic crime drama single player campaign or as cops and criminals in rapid Battlefield multi-player.

Assume control using new tactics to gather intelligence, obtain warrants and takedown with non-lethal force to effectuate the arrests. Take the cash in a new battlefield playground. New maps and gadgets alter the way you play the game. Utilize grappling hooks and zip-lines to scale city buildings and fly across the city with the cheddar. No matter the strategy, teamwork is key to winning the turf war. Sate your need for speed in new action-packed modes.

Hop in exotic muscle cars, sleek crotch rockets or even give your whole crew a lift in transports or armored trucks.

Battlefield 3 Open Beta Recap

Have some strategies of your own? Let us know in the comments. Its spawn point will be marked on your map. He has a massive machine gun and very heavy armour plating.

Sep 01,  · 18 posts Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield, Battlefield 1 Member August 31, PM Yeah, was able to play all day yesterday with a few disconnections.

Battlelog – New server update lets you tweak Gun Master weapon progression By: Changes include the ability to tailor Gun Master mode to your liking. PC players have also received the latest game client update today. The available weapon progressions are: Normal Reversed reverses the gun order but keeps the knife as the ending of the match. Heavy Gear was added for the Assault and Support players out there wanting to only play with their favorite weapons — and to add a big bang we introduced the C4 just before the final knife kill requirement!

Pistols Only is added for the pistol lovers, which also results in a bit of a slower paced version of Gun Master than the other lists. We hope you will enjoy these new Gun Master options. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Note that you will not lose any progression because of this — the current round will end, but a Battle Report will be sent as normal before the server goes into the pre-round state. Matchmaking — How does it work? There has been some confusion as to how our Quick Match matchmaking system works.

The Next Level: Frostbitten

Eurogamer report that to change servers in the middle of a session, we’ll have to Alt-tab out of the game, and then start another match from the Battlelog website. As if that wasn’t strange enough, console versions of Battlefield 3 WILL be getting an in-game server browser. Senior designer on Battlefield 3, Alan Kertz was talking about the system on Twitter. No splash screens, no menus. Just straight to the playing. Infact, you can get to the Main Menu of the game from anywhere you have the net” Kertz defended the system, equating it to the Battlefield:

↑We asked a player with hours of Battlefield experience to review Hardline. This is what he had to say – Financial Post ↑ “The PC version of this Software uses Origin Online Activation and Sony DADC Austria AG’s Denuvo content protection technology”. Battlefield Hardline EULA.

August 12, 3: Haven’t played much Bioshock 2, but it seems potentially more fun than the original. But it also turned me into that asshole guy on the internet who can’t play the game because his wee sensitive ocular orbs are assaulted by the low FOV. It’s fine if it’s Valve, but anyone else does it and all you hear is bitching and moaning. I could care less what service I use, as I use them all for the most part. If a game I want is only available on a certain service, then that is where I get it.

Or if a game happens to be a much better deal on one service over the other, same thing. I just don’t understand this die-hard service loyalty, especially towards Steam.

BF3 “Matchmaking” in Action

By William Usher 5 years ago EA may not have been able to charge every Battlefield 3 player for reloading a clip in the game, but they’ve found ways to come up with the next best thing: What’s more is that they’re furthering the push for fewer official servers and more player-rented servers. Destructoid reports that the reason EA has been behind the rented player servers so much for Battlefield 3 so that they can slowly exit from hosting their own servers, while still making money on people who continue to play the game online.

The rented servers went live back in April and now, just barely a month later, the company is backing down their own servers in promotion of the user-rented ones.

Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and lets you socialize, track stats, plan your next game, and more from your web browser!

Just two weeks apart Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are being launched and it is fair to say that the proximity of the launches has had at least one of the developers scrambling to get their game out first. The recent multiplayer beta for Battlefield 3 as an example was far from the finished product that many would have expected at that stage in development with flying tanks and bugs galore yet the release date did not move.

Just as reviewers can pick up on tell-tale signs that a game may be being protected by the PR teams… we can tell you as an example that Battlefield 3 joins a rather short list of key games this year where the mainstream press in this country were not given samples to allow review publication before release day… even hardware manufacturers who were keen to get the game into the hands of tech press for performance rather than gameplay evaluations were given the cold shoulder on their requests.

The strange thing about it all though is that we live in an online world where people can easily go and find a review from another region and forums with multi-national visitors can spread the word about game experiences instantly. Maybe it is a sign of the times, a reflection of the economic climate that we live in, that even a publisher like EA wants to protect every single sale it can.

The question is, now that Battlefield 3 is out across the globe, was the strict PR campaign even needed? Does the game deliver? Or were EA right to lock down coverage as much as possible to maximise first day sales in each region? Our main gameplay in these missions is based around squad and solo based combat as we work our way through objectives to an end goal. The standard mechanic of mouse to look, WASD to move etc is present here, as are the usual reload and switch weapons features and of course we shoot with left button, zoom in with right.

Throughout the levels we are able to step into vehicles to complete objectives, for example taking control of a large gun mounted on the back of a truck to deal out more damage than is possible with a hand held weapon.

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield 3 Battlelog service will be down on August 9 for maintenance DICE has just announced that Battlefield 3 Battlelog service will be offline tomorrow i. This downtime will occur at With this new anti-cheating measures, players has the right to rate-out cheaters at Battlelog.

The matchmaking can get very hairy sometimes, often resulting in long queues or the inability to enter any games at all, depending on the relative position of various constellations and tidal patterns.

November 09, But has it succeeded in the said usurpation? Massive, detailed maps, an arsenal of real-world weapons, vehicles that range from jeeps to fighter jets and up to 64 players in a single game — these are just some of the things that await you online in Battlefield 3’s multiplayer. A lot of your success in the game’s various multiplayer modes hinges on teamwork, a fair bit of luck and effective use of the squad system.

Play solo and you will end up on the wrong half of the scoreboard. The focus isn’t entirely on gunning down enemies it doesn’t hurt, though , with equal importance given to capturing points, healing squad mates, repairing vehicles and laying down suppressive fire. Do all of that and you’ll rack up enough experience points to unlock the next weapon, attachment or perk.

The levelling-up system feels very logical and the game manages to keep things interesting throughout, with just enough incentive for the next big unlock. However, in the heat of battle, you’re left dodging bullets or playing the part of cannon fodder rather than thinking about how much fun you will have with the ACOG scope that you’re two kills away from unlocking. Play on a console and you can jump directly into matches in-game.

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Read more do assignments for you god on bf4 We wanted a more intuitive vehicle control scheme as the default for Battlefield 4. Since you are moving your character with the analog stick it made sense. I this video I will highlight the 4 class specific assignments in each of the 3 tiers. I will show you how to check if you are able to start an assignment.

Jul 04,  · Moi aussi le matchmaking ne marche que j’ai acheté le jeu j’ai pas réussi à faire une seule partie.D’autant plus que l’installation a duré longtemps et que c’était vraiment galere.

Wed Nov 06, 1: This is by far the most bug-ridden of the bunch. Some of the more serious are constant server crashes, client crashes and terrible hit-detection in multiplayer. There is a long thread on the Battlelog forum about the client-side hit detection and netcode that seems to roll the DICE no pun intended as to who lives or dies in an encounter. The posts contain links to YouTube videos showing a player unloading an entire magazine into an enemy, who doesn’t sustain any damage, and then the enemy fires one shot and kills the player.

And others where players are killed while clearly behind cover that should have stopped incoming fire. Some of the videos are repeated in slow motion so you can see how seriously bad the hit detection is. It’s clear that each player is experiencing a very different game at any given time. You expect some of this once in awhile, but this occurs much too frequently in BF4. No one expects perfection, but DICE has compounded the problem by adding so much action to the game.

Parts of the environment are destructible, there are vehicles moving quickly, changing weather effects, etc. That’s a lot of data to process, and trying to get close to real-time positioning seems to be beyond the capability of the software. And that’s a major problem since calculating and predicting the real-time position of the players, bullet trajectories, vehicles, etc.

Battlefield 3 Battlelog “Matches” Announcement – New Platoon Matchmaker System!

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